Message from Chairman

H.E. Abdulaziz Al Ghurair

“I am honoured that Dubai Chambers has been appointed to play such an important role in helping meet Dubai’s economic aspirations as the emirate looks towards building a prosperous future full of even more achievements and success. The restructuring of the chamber is a testament to the faith that the leadership has in our capacity to be an instrumental part of Dubai’s innovation journey and a key driver of its economic transformation over the next fifty years and beyond.

As part of the new structure, Dubai Chamber – Commerce will continue to advocate for the interests of Dubai’s vibrant business community, while Dubai Chamber – Digital will concentrate on the evolving nature of an economy driven by digitalisation. Dubai Chamber – International will prioritise bi-lateral trade as a central component of Dubai’s growth and development.

Focusing on Dubai Chamber – Commerce, the three-year integrated strategy adopted by the chamber early in 2022 has been designed to ensure a business-friendly environment across all sectors in Dubai; fostering greater public-private sector cooperation; and continuous improvement in customer service standards. This will be instrumental in helping us realise the vision of our wise leadership.

I am looking forward to taking Dubai’s business landscape to the next level and being part of what is a momentous and exciting new chapter in the history of Dubai chamber.”

H.E. Abdulaziz Al Ghurair

Chairman, Dubai Chambers